Volume 5, Issue 2

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Table of Contents

6. From the Editor’s Desk
82. From the Corner Office

8. Liam Strong – “Leftovers,” “On a Deadname I Haven’t Yet Buried,” “Kitchen in Autumn”

11. John Minser – “Garden Shed, With Sorcery,” “Wreckage”

22. Kay Bosgraaf – “The Warrior”

23. Christine Stephens-Krieger – “New Girl in Paradise,” “Changeling,” “The Ascension of Joy”

26. Amy Carpenter Leugs – “constellations”

30. Kimberly Ann Priest – “my pedophile seeks a cozier space,” “my pedophile remains objective”

32. Marcel Price – “Terrifying Truths,” “Collateral Damage”

41. Katherine Edgren – “My Husband, and the Installation of the Cabin Shower”

42. Deirdre Fagan – “Notre Amour, Comme une Pomme, Vient de la Terre”

53. Barbara Saunier – “Navigating Toward the Foothills of November,” “En Route to Oxbow To Make Art, Watching For A Sign,” “Saptide III”

58. David Beebe – “Hawk Moon”

72. Colleen Alles – “After a Party”

13. Cait West – “Metamorphic”

27. Sharon Bippus – “Homework”

35. Stephen Dozeman – “Premium Emotions”

43. E.E. Suchowolec – “Reflections Upon a Grain of Rice”

59. Brianne Turczynski – “The Legend of Adam Young“

74. Joan Hall Young – “The Valley“

86. Contributor Information
91. Submission Guidelines

Cover Imagery
Front cover image “Event Horizon (detail)” and back cover image
“Dance at the Temple” are courtesy of Tom Ganzevoort.


Hello readers. It’s been a while. I haven’t written one of these in a couple of years.

At the end of 2017 I succumbed to burnout and took a much needed year-long break from Caffeinated Press. I returned in January of this year and hit the ground running. And now here we are in the fifth year of production, with the twelfth issue of the journal. And oh, how things have changed.

First let’s get the big news out of the way. This is the last issue of The 3288 Review. The board members and editors of Caffeinated Press met and decided that we have done as much as we can with the time, energy, and resources available to us. So we are closing up shop at the end of calendar year 2019. We might try another publishing venture at some point, though that is a conversation for another, far-distant day.

At some point in the future I might write up a detailed post-mortem for this project — what went right, what went wrong, what we learned and can use on the next project. Post-mortems are useful in any major undertaking as they assume that the knowledge gained in the past will be put to use at some point in the future. I would like that to happen, though I couldn’t say what that new thing might look like. Ask me again in a few years.

A few months back I asked a local poetry professor a question I had asked of one of our poets laureate a few years ago: Where is the “scene” in Grand Rapids? It really seemed to be fragmented; many disparate parts with no distinct connectors between them. The professor put a word to the subject of my inquiry: “nexus.” There is no “nexus” for the literary community in
Grand Rapids. Then he said, “but does there need to be?”

And I am forced to admit that here in the multimodal panopticon of the 21st century, that the answer to that question seems to be “no.” Not necessary, but it would be nice to have.

We have published over 160 writers and artists in the twelve issues of The 3288 Review, and most of them have been from, or associated in some way with, West Michigan — current and former residents, students, regular visitors and the like. That’s a lot of talent. If we never became a nexus we were certainly a high-volume node.

There were a number of things I wish we had accomplished with the journal. An art issue. A music issue. More interviews. More reviews. Cultural commentary. Guest editors. I have lengthy lists of possibilities for each. For instance, during ArtPrize 2016 I scraped the ArtPrize website for any artists who identified as West Michigan residents. After filtering for those whose artwork would be a good fit for The 3288 Review, I had a list of over 100 names. That would have been an amazing issue. Or an amazing ten issues. Another unrealized idea to add to the archives.

So what’s next? At the moment I don’t know. As of October 2019 we still have several projects to complete before we shut our doors. For me, personally, I plan to write again. In 2020 I will re-enter the literary community of West Michigan as an amateur aficionado of the written word. In the late 1990s I was part of an excellent writing group, until my profession as a programmer and web developer consumed the entirety of my creative energy (and my time as well — it’s amazing how many work hours are asked of a body when those extra hours are uncompensated). I would like to go back and see if the group is still a good fit for me, twenty years later. Who knows? I might even get published!

I want to give my sincerest thanks to the editors, past and present, who have worked on the journal — Elyse Wild, Leigh Jajuga, KT Herr, Lisa McNeeley, and of course Jason Gillikin and his masterful editing skills. I also want to thank our designer Abigail McClung for her assistance making our little magazine into a thing of beauty. And a big thank-you to Brittany Wilson for her work in making sense of the often-chaotic finances of the project.

And to you, the readers, writers, friends and supporters of the West Michigan literary community, I say thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.

John Winkelman
Director, Caffeinated Press
Managing Editor The 3288 Review