Volume 1, Issue 4

Purchasing and Subscription

Issue 1.4 is available for purchase from our online store and from Amazon.com, and will soon be available at a wide variety of West Michigan locations.

Table of Contents

From the Editor’s Desk (editorial)
Eric S. Piotrowski – I Never Knew Winter (essay)
Jaime Garcia – 5 poems
Chila Woychik – Senescence in the Study (creative nonfiction)
Andy Stallings – 3 poems
Tim Smith – The Ironist (fiction)
Kelly Brown – Memorial Day (fiction)
Annabelle Miller – 3 poems
Anisa Williams – Transformation/Planar (artwork)
Andrea England – 3 poems
Jane Griffioen – I Saw the Holy City (essay)
Megan Baxter – My Wrong Love Story (creative nonfiction)
Re’Lynn Hansen – The Matching Family (essay)
Hannah Ford – Sound Disappears (fiction)
Phillip Sterling – Lucy’s (fiction)
Becky Marietta – A Change in the Weather (fiction)
Timothy Hanson – 121 Chestnut Street (fiction)
Steve Shilling – 3 poems
Georgia Knapp – Stormy Seas (essay)
Jason Gillikin – From the Corner Office (editorial)

Front cover photo courtesy of Elyse Wild.

Back cover artwork Rorschach Test: Look Deeper Courtesy of Anisa Williams

From the Editor’s Desk

On the whole, running a literary journal is not complicated. There are a lot of moving parts to keep synchronized, but they tend to fall into well-defined categories. Submissions. Review. Rejection. Selection. Editing. Layout. Publication. One step flows naturally to the next. Any one of these is a simple task repeated multiple times. If we encounter surprises, they are in the text.

This is a framework which can be applied to most literary journals, or indeed most publishing houses. We are publishers. Writers approach us to get published. In a universe devoid of chaos we would be able to do this forever.

But our venture is a small, well-ordered part of a much larger whole which is, to put it delicately, indeterminate. Life happens. New projects start at the day job. People get sick, fall in love, go on vacation. People buy houses. Editors suffer burnout. The story which looked so good in the initial review needs multiple rounds of editing to make it publishable, and the deadline looms ever-closer.

Suddenly the endeavour which seemed so simple reveals itself to be a slice of bread floating in a pond aswarm with hungry black swans. Like so many other things in life, it is only robust so long as nothing goes wrong.

All of which is to say, welcome to issue 1.4 of The 3288 Review.

This is the first issue in which West Michigan writers and artists constitute the clear majority of the contributions. Thanks to the ever-increasing quantity and quality of our submissions, approximately 70% of the content in this issue comes from people connected in some way to our community. This is also the first issue to feature a full artist portfolio (Anisa WIlliams); the first to include new content from previous writing contributors (Chila Woychik, Hannah Ford); the first to include non-Caffeinated Press advertising; and the first to involve our full editing staff from beginning to end.

As of this writing we have around 200 submissions in the queue for issue 2.1, which means our second year is already off to a very promising start. In the next year we plan to add book reviews, interviews and long-form journalism. Look for collaborations with local and regional bookstores, writing groups, publishers and universities.

My sincerest thanks to our editors Jeigh Jajuga and Elyse Wild, and to publisher (and  editor!) Jason Gillikin. We make a fantastic team, and none of this would be possible without you.