Volume 1, Issue 3

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Table of Contents

From the Editor’s Desk (editorial)
Hannah Ford – The Buried Sawmill (nonfiction)
Miriam Bat-Ami – 4 poems
Carl Boon – 2 poems
Mike Smith of Albuquerque – The World Greening Wildly (creative nonfiction)
Ian Haight – 4 poems
Addy Evenson – Maquillage (fiction)
Carol Hamilton – 4 poems
Rob Hartzell – Leaving Babylon (fiction)
Kyle Hemmings – 2 poems
Dylan Brie Ducey – The Scotch and Water (fiction)
Erich Kahner – 1 poem
Morris Lincoln – Seared in the Pan (essay)
Garrett Hoffman – 1 poem
Howard Winn – 1 poem
Nicholas LaRocca – The Placenta Test (nonfiction)
Amy Nemecek – 1 poem
Pat Tompkins – 2 poems
Carly Plank – Voir Dire (fiction)
Jason Gillikin – Notes from the Corner Office (editorial)

Front cover photo “Spree Park” courtesy of Elyse Wild.

Back cover artwork “Crazy-Head” courtesy of Darryl Love.

From the Editor’s Desk

As I sorted through the impressively, intimidatingly large pile of submissions for this issue, two thoughts occurred to me. One: we need more editors. And Two: the American literary community is both vast and intimate.

Why is it vast? In the nine months since our first submission we have received work from almost every state in the U.S. Going farther afield, we have seen work from Turkey, Israel, India, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Bulgaria, Bolivia and Luxembourg, and on and on. Some of our submitters have never before been published. Others have been writing for longer than I have been alive (1969, thanks for asking). The plurality still come from West Michigan

Why is the literary community intimate? An example: Issue 1.2 contributor Jennifer Clark had a short story published in The Gateway Review, a journal run by issue 2 contributor Joe Baumann. The Gateway Review debuted in summer 2015. Also debuting in summer 2015 was The Eastern Iowa Review literary journal, headed by issue 2 contributor Chila Woychik. On reading the available issues of these other journals I noticed some names which had passed across our own editorial desks. And the other journals contained familiar names and familiar titles, which we either passed on or (in at least one case) other publications grabbed before we did. It’s a cut-throat business, running a lit journal.

There are some changes to our masthead. First, I would like to welcome our new poetry editor Leigh Jajuga, who has years of experience in the literary (and literary journal) world. Leigh contacted us after finding a copy of our journal on the rack at a local cafe.

Leigh Jajuga is an English and women’s studies graduate from Central Michigan University. She recently moved to Grand Rapids from Detroit and has been working professionally as an editor in the literary realm for five years. She works as an editorial assistant for Litmus Press, a managing editor for Open Palm Print, and is now serving the Caffeinated Press team as poetry editor. Her free time is spent reading and writing poetry, indulging in true crime and horror films, traveling as much as possible, and co-existing with the imbalanced ratio of cats to humans in her home.

Her timing could not have been better. Bringing her on board allowed us to restructure our editorial staff and divide the workload so we could manage the suddenly-huge volume of submissions. Therefore congratulations are in order for our new nonfiction editor Elyse Wild, and our new fiction editor Jason Gillikin. With the workload distributed among four people, rather than piled on three, we have time to indulge in luxuries like sleep and food.

For our inaugural issue in August 2015, we had around 25 submissions. For issue 2 in November 2015 we had 45. For this issue, thanks to listings at DuoTrope, Poets & Writers and NewPages, we received 175. We expect to have well over 200 for issue 1.4.

In this issue we have 22 poems from 10 poets, four works of fiction and four of nonfiction. Over half of the contributors have some significant connection with west Michigan which, considering the high quality of our submissions overall, is fantastic! The literary community of West Michigan is booming.

With that said, I would like to give some shout-outs to the local venues which have supported and encouraged Caffeinated Press through our first year and a half.

Thank you to the crew at The Sparrows Cafe in Grand Rapids, who were the first to offer shelf space for The 3288 Review. Thanks also to the owners and employees of The Bookman bookstore in Grand Haven, who added us to their inventory shortly thereafter. The Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts hosted the first Caffeinated Press book event back in March 2015, and Schuler Books and Music provided space for our editorial reception this past April.

Thank you also to the many venues for live poetry and spoken word art–The Drunken Retort at Stella’s Lounge; Poetry & Pints at Harmony Brewing; poetry nights at The Story Cafe; weekly open mic at the Mayan Buzz; and the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters for their many and varied readings, round tables and workshops. These are the people and places which help the West Michigan literary community to thrive.

To submit work to The 3288 Review, please visit www.3288review.com/submissions. The deadline for our Spring 2016 issue is March 31. We look forward to hearing from you!