Interview with Amy Nemecek

This is one of an ongoing series of interviews with contributors to The 3288 Review.

Amy Nemecek has always dreamed of a walking holiday through the English countryside. She and her husband live in northern Michigan and have one son. Amy is a Pushcart Prize nominee, and her poems and essays have found homes in Indiana Voice Journal, Mothers Always Write, Vines Leaves Literary Journal, Topology Magazine, Foliate Oak and Snapdragon. She blogs at She can also be found on Twitter @Beloved_Delight. Her poem “Aslan Makes a Door in the Air” appeared in issue 1.3 of The 3288 Review.

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3288 Review: How and when did you get your start writing? What was the catalyst?

Amy Nemecek: I’ve always loved stories and language. My parents were not writers, but they consistently read to me and also enjoyed telling a good story, so I was always surrounded by that influence. I have early memories of scribbling stories on notebook paper while my older siblings did their homework. This was before I knew how to spell or read, before I even knew the alphabet, so my words were just squiggly lines. But I knew those squiggles meant something, and I would “read” the stories to my family.

When I was ten years old, I had to compose a story for school. I poured myself into the assignment, and my teacher recommended I attend the Young Authors program then held at Calvin College. Chris Van Allsburg was the featured guest that year, so hearing him speak and being around people who saw me as a writer was formative in helping me realize this could be a real vocation and calling.

I continued to write as I grew, but it wasn’t until college that I began to consider letters more seriously as a lifelong pursuit. Dr. Judith Fabisch, my English professor and mentor at Cornerstone University, encouraged me to continue writing poetry and helped me find my voice and hone my craft. I still ask her to read my work before I send it out into the world.

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